Our mission is to produce Live Theater that is excellent, resilient, entertaining, and more importantly to champion and aid the integrity of the Filipino Artist and enrich the cultural life of the community in a sustainable manner. 

We also want to inspire, entertain, connect and confront audiences with theatrical productions that range from the classics to new plays by enticing them to watch live theater, getting sponsorships for their tickets; train and sustain the next generation of theater artists as we have been doing for the last fifty-three years; freely provide workshops and programs to foster an environment for young artists to imagine and grow richly.

Through our seasonal plays, we want to create quality intimate theatre, not only to inspire our community to realize the essential power of Live Theatre, but to allow our qualified actors the chance to showcase and further develop their acting skills, something that cannot be appreciated in large scale musicales.

We aim to be a thriving organisation that is fiscally sound, and has endowed reserves to support its programming and outreach.